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Onsite Shredder Rental

Iron Mountain offers a convenient Onsite Shredder Rental Service

Iron Mountain offers an onsite shredding alternative where robust equipment is setup onsite for flexible, secure shredding at a pace that suits you. Shredded materials can be collected for recycling to keep mess and fuss to a minimum. No paper movement or access by external companies/individuals whatsoever!

Onsite shredder rental is best suited to low/medium document volumes where the highest security level is required. Typical applications include shredding of vouchers, certificates or any cash equivalents. Large volumes are best handled by our bulk shredding service.

Shredder rental units provided are well serviced, reliable and provide superior shredding capabilities than typical office shredders. Shredder operation and features are demonstrated onsite to ensure that shredding potential is maximised for the duration of the rental. Full specifications for all shredder units are available upon request and minimum rental periods apply.

Also note that shredder rentals are typically reserved in advance as a limited number of units are available. Shredder Rental is subject to signing a formal rental agreement and an advance payment.


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