Leatt Shoe 3.0 Flat Pro Lava

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The performance sneaker that keeps you cool and in control.

While the standard 3.0 Flat shoe has laces, this 3.0 PRO model features a micro-adjuster MOZ cable fit system. This lets you make micro-adjustments on or off the bike. Get the perfect fit and then lock in for the ride! The stabilizing neopreme ankle collar will give you that feeling of added confidence as well.

How about the grip? Well, this shoe features Leatt RideGrip™ Pro rubber compound which is softer than the standard RideGrip™ rubber. This means pedal connectivity is even better and the shoe will hold better grip in slippy conditions.

The improved WaffleGrip Pro sole pattern is an inverted version of Leatt’s WaffleGrip. This allows short pins to dig deep into the sole and delivers great off bike traction when you need to walk.
If you want to stay on top of the game, then you need the all new Leatt MTB shoes.