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With numerous World Cup wins and multiple Olympic representations, the Scylla has cemented its position as the "winners choice" on the world stage. The All-purpose and fast tread pattern is suitable for medium-heavy terrain with a harder surface. The dual compound offers maximum grip in all conditions. Optimally designed height and positioning of the tread pattern offers: low rolling resistance, speed, traction with great acceleration and braking. An ideal choice for most Cross-Country tracks.


Textra dramatically increases resistance against sidewall cuts and abrasions, increasing strength and durability without significant weight addition. Textra tyres are primarily intended for riding and racing over severe terrain where they provide both superior reliability and ultra high performance.

An extremely durable rubberised fabric combined with high-density polymer threads, protecting the entire sidewall and bead area. Its excellent elasticity characteristics and negligible weight ensure outstanding riding properties of the Textra equipped Tubeless Supra.

This is the genius of the Textra tyres – greater protection, but preserving the supple performance of the 127TPI casing. – Flow Mountain Bike


Tubeless Supra sets itself apart from the competition by providing trouble free installation, easy inflation and maximum air retention, coupled with a light-weight, high performance carcass. No other tubeless ready system can boast all these properties. Designed for use with a tubeless sealant the Tubeless Supra is a high performance, easy to use, mess free tubeless system.


Rubber compound on active carbon black basis. Such provides high structural strength, enhanced abrasion resistance, excellent adhesion, grip and low drag characteristics.
Density – 1,02 g/ cm3. Predetermined especially for racing purposes.
*Only on Textra models.


Special combination of two compounds – 1 soft adhesive compound (SSC – Grey Line)
on side tire figures and 2 well-proven CRX compound both in tread center and base for side figures.

Combination of these two compounds predetermines the tire for racing purpose
providing low drag for fast riding and excellent grip and control in curves and traverse.
*Only on Weltex models


SCYLLA TD 29 x 2.45 TL (V96) – Textra + 780g
SCYLLA TD 29 x 2.25 TL – Textra + 670g
SCYLLA TD 29 x 2.25 TL (black/grey lines) – Weltex 610g