Panzer Classic XC 29

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The classics never die and PANZER is no exception. With the classic 5PSS shape and its GEN10 material with one of the balances of lightness versus protection, PANZER Classic remains the most competitive insert in terms of quality and price.

After hundreds of tests with high density foams, it has been the GEN10 chosen by our team of engineers and riders. 
The barely liquid absorption, the great memory capacity and the lightess of the GEN10, make PANZER the lightest and most balanced anti-puncture on the market.

The diamond shape called 5 POINT SUPPORT SYSTEM, allows to act as reinforcement, only in critical areas prone to punctures by blows. 
It also allows free circulation of air and sealing fluid, and does not interfere with correct reaction of the tire.


  • Protects wheel rims from dings, while riding with low pressure or a flat tyre.
  • Allows you to keep on riding the trail, circuit or stage until finished.
  • Allows you to drop down your tyre pressure, improving grip and control.
  • It doesn’t affect the way the tyre behaves or the desired air pressure either.
  • It doesn’t need tools or technical knowledge and can be installed with a standard valve.
  • Suitable for Downhill, Enduro, XC, Racing or day to day riding.
  • For further details about use and installation visit