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Secure Document Destruction

Iron Mountain is serious about Secure Document Destruction

Security is of course our top priority so we ensure that all documents are destroyed as securely and quickly as possible. Iron Mountain takes full reponsibility for document destruction by providing a specialised, contracted service.

All destruction processes are supported by final proof of secure document destruction and receipts are provided for all documents collected for bulk shredding. This provides a significantly lower risk than inhouse staff can typically provide. If you want it done right call in the professionals!

The South African Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) was Gazetted in November 2013. The act defines classification of personal information and specifies limits on information collection, processing and retention for both natural and juristic persons. This effectively renders even a memo with a company/individual name and telephone number as confidential information that needs to be secured and properly destroyed. The act also details serious penalties for non-compliance including up to 12 months imprisonment and/or a fine.

Now, more than ever, companies need to ensure that they have the means to dispose of such information on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance. Proper document destruction policies are already part of global best practice as they protect companies from legal liability and loss of reputation related to information exposure. Fortunately, Iron Mountain’s services enable global best practice and legal compliance with least cost and effort.


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