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Bulk Shredding

Iron Mountain offers cost-effective Bulk Shredding Services

Buying an industrial paper shredder and spending your valuable time using it isn’t the only option available. We provide “once-off” bulk shredding services to ensure the safe destruction of documents that have exceeded their useful lifespan, including paper documents that have been recorded on alternate media such as microfilm and electronic media. This option is well suited to annual or quarterly clear-outs or to reclaim dead office space.

Documents are collected onsite by vetted Iron Mountain staff in secure, branded vehicles (Iron Mountain Vans) in bags or boxes. We do not require clients to do upfront sorting however only paper documents are shredded. We do however require that all documents be easily accessible in either bags or boxes to reduce the risk any potential data exposure. Receipts are provided for each job upon collection and proof of destruction is provided upon completion. This proof provides the legal basis by which Iron Mountain is held accountable for ensuring that all documents are fully shredded and that the process is measured and managed from end to end. Please note that minimum collection fees do apply.

Iron Mountain weighs all materials to be shredded to ensure our clients are only charged for what is actually shredded instead of how efficient packing/operators are. Weight information also forms part of the final proof of destruction. To estimate document weight, a useful rule of thumb is that a full, standard sized document storage box weighs approximately 15kgs and a full municipal bin up to 100kgs.


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