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Regular Shred Bin

Iron Mountain offers a solution for your ongoing shredding needs with our Regular Shred Bin Service

Companies often accumulate documents due to the hassle of day to day shredding. This results in either underutilized or “dead” office space or documents being casually discarded without any regard for the potential damage that can be caused. Unfortunately, waste and recycling companies are not focused on, or able to provide any peace of mind when security and environmental concerns are raised. Iron Mountain provides a solution to on-going shredding requirements in the form of our secure onsite Iron Mountain shred bin & consoles.

Iron Mountain’s custom designed bins and consoles allow clients to dispose of day-to-day materials directly into locked shred bins deployed at strategic points on their premises. Company staff now have the on-going option to insert documents into the tamper-proof slot for guaranteed disposal and recycling. Iron Mountain arranges bin rotations monthly or as required so our bins can be rotated for clean, empty ones (and consoles can be emptied).

This service differs from the on-demand bin service as the monthly rental fee covers both ongoing rental of the bin and the first rotation every month. Our regular bin based service also allows multiple bins to be deployed throughout the organisation thereby promoting proper destruction and limiting accidental exposure of information.  Our regular shred bin service is typically provided as part of a service contract which adds an additional level of security and provides clients with a formal confirmation for PoPI compliance purposes.

All bins/console contents travel directly to our Headquarters where the documents are shredded using plant-based industrial machinery. As a further benefit to the environment, all resulting shredded material is fully recycled. Shredding jobs that would have taken days are disposed of efficiently in minutes! Whether it is for security or recycling, never before has document disposal been so safe, secure or cost-effective.

Lastly, our bin service is in line with global document destruction practices and enables compliance with local legislation such as the proposed protection of personal information act (PoPI Act) which limits information collection, processing and retention. Let Iron Mountain assist you with PoPI compliance today.

Iron Mountain South Africa services the following provinces, cities and surrounding areas:

GAUTENG (Head Office)

  • Midrand, Johannesburg


  • Durban


  • Cape Town
  • George


  • East London
  • Port Elizabeth


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