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ShreddingScissors-300x240Shred Shed is a proud member of the Docufile group, the largest privately owned records management group in South Africa. We fulfil a critical need at the end of the document lifecycle with our commitment to the secure and environmentally friendly destruction (shredding) of confidential and sensitive documents. Having realised that waste and recycling companies were not focused on, or able to provide any peace of mind when security and environmental concerns are raised, Shred Shed stepped up to the challenge!

Simply put, Shred Shed renders documents illegible through its secure shredding services with least effort and expense.

Shred Shed’s services address the gaps in data security throughout the document lifecycle. With an alarming number of fraud cases involving identity theft, discarding sensitive documents in their original form is no longer an option. Documents that leave an organisation intact take days, often weeks before they are recycled, often moving between multiple staging locations before being rendered illegible. South African companies can no longer afford to ignore this reality.

Fortunately, Shred Shed provides a cost effective and secure solution to ensure confidentiality, combat fraud and enable compliance with local legislation (PoPI 2013). Shred Shed’s extensive range of Secure Bin Based,  Bulk and Onsite Shredding Services ensure documents are effortlessly shredded by vetted personnel in the shortest time possible.

As per the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) 2013 Shred Shed provides proof of destruction for each and every bulk destruction job. Where customer confidentiality is of the utmost importance choose Shred Shed to ensure that each and every document is fully destroyed, without exception!